Tribu Content Slideshow

Tribu Content Slideshow is a Joomla slideshow which displays articles from a category as slides. Developed natively for Joomla 3, it required Jquery and can be used to display news articles. It is easily configurable and contains 2 templates.

Download Tribu Content Slideshow module


Preview of Joomla slideshow 'Tribu Content Slideshow'

Simple & customisable A light and easily configurable Joomla slideshow


  • Joomla3
  • Jquery


  • Download the module and go to the Joomla administration
  • Click on "Extensions > Extension manager" and go to the "Upload Package File" tab
  • Click on "Choose file" and select the "" file
  • Click on "Upload & Install"
  • A message of installation success must appear
  • Go to the list of modules to configure the slideshow


  • Free licence
  • Developer friendly
  • 2 templates
  • Possibility to add several slideshow on the same page
  • Number of displayed aticles
  • Autoplay : yes / no
  • Duration of article display
  • Duration of transition
  • Transition : vertical, horizontal or fade
  • Navigation : pagination and/or arrows
  • Articles order : by order, creation date, ascending or descending publication date or randomly
  • Elements to display : image, title, introduction text, button to full article
  • Text : HTML or plain text
  • Maximum title length and plain text
  • Possibility to resize image and crop it to your own dimensions
  • General button to access to any news or any other page!


  • Go to the modules section
  • Add a module "Tribu content slideshow"
  • Choose the category of articles
  • Configure your module :
    general configuration of the slideshow is in "Module" tab and the extended configuration in "Extended configuration module"
  • Choose the display position and publish it !

  • Precision : the module display images that are inserted from "Intro Image" field ("Images and links" tab) of articles

Other template

Other template

Back office

Preview of module configuration in Joomla admin Preview of extended module configuration in Joomla admin

Aurélie Le Toquin

Developer at Tribu And Co

Joomla specialist / Virtuemart

"Mais moi Joomla, j’le soigne, j’m’en vais lui faire une ordonnance, et une sévère !"
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