Tribu Content Slideshow

A light and easily configurable Joomla slideshow

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Simple & customisable

Tribu Content Slideshow is a Joomla slideshow which displays articles from a category as slides. Developed natively for Joomla 3, it required Jquery and can be used to display news articles. It is easily configurable and contains 2 templates.

Aperçu du slideshow Joomla 'Tribu Content Slideshow'


  • Free licence
  • Developer friendly
  • 2 templates
  • Possibility to add several slideshow on the same page
  • Number of displayed aticles
  • Autoplay : yes / no
  • Duration of article display
  • Duration of transition
  • Transition : vertical, horizontal or fade
  • Navigation : pagination and/or arrows
  • Articles order : by order, creation date, ascending or descending publication date or randomly
  • Elements to display : image, title, introduction text, button to full article
  • Text : HTML or plain text
  • Maximum title length and plain text
  • Possibility to resize image and crop it to your own dimensions
  • General button to access to any news or any other page!
L'approche de l'agence


Required : Joomla3 & Jquery

Installation process

  • Download the module and go to the Joomla administration
  • Click on "Extensions > Extension manager" and go to the "Upload Package File" tab
  • Click on "Choose file" and select the "" file
  • Click on "Upload & Install"
  • A message of installation success must appear
  • Go to the list of modules to configure the slideshow


  • Go to the modules section
  • Add a module "Tribu content slideshow"
  • Choose the category of articles
  • Configure your module :
    general configuration of the slideshow is in "Module" tab and the extended configuration in "Extended configuration module"
  • Choose the display position and publish it !

  • Precision : the module display images that are inserted from "Intro Image" field ("Images and links" tab) of articles